Vanessa Rahal Canado has experience in taxation and tax policy, assisting clients in consulting and litigation, highlighting her interdisciplinary and innovative approach. With a solid intellectual background, Vanessa has been a professor at FGV DIREITO SP since 2008, working in the Legal Practice Clinic (undergraduate), giving classes in Finance and Accounting applied to Taxation in Professional Master's and PIS / COFINS in graduate studies lato sensu (GVlaw ). She is the founder and current co-coordinator of GEDEC (Law and Accounting Studies Group of FGV DIREITO SP), which counts on the participation of many financial officers, auditors, managers, as well as the major Brazilian specialists in IFRS. He also teaches Tax Strategy in the Master in Management for Competitiveness of the School of Business Administration of FGV (EAESP). Since last year, he holds the position of Chairman of the Fiscal Council of Endowment DIREITO GV. Since 2003, Vanessa has also been involved in projects aimed at producing public policies to improve the quality of Brazilian tax system, at the Fiscal Studies Center (NEF) and the Fiscal Citizenship Center (CCiF).


  • Legal Opinions to the most large corporations in Brazil , as a prof. Eurico de Santi partner, in their major cases judged by the Federal Administrative Court (CARF), involving goodwill, CFC rules, Indirect Taxes etc.
  • Legal Opinions about legal and tax aspects of the new accounting standards (IFRS)
  • Advice from the government of Mato Grosso on the reform of all ICMS legislation
  • Drafting of the Constitutional Amendment Proposal (PEC) and the Complementary Law for the reform of taxation on consumption (ISS, ICMS, IPI, PIS / COFINS) in Brazil at CCiF
  • Author of the book COFINS: theoretical and practical aspects, published by Saraiva Editors.





  • Degree in Law • 2003
  • Master Degree in Tax Law • 2008
  • PhD in Law • 2013

Portuguese • English

  • Taxation
  • Tax Policy